Our Teams

In our Federation we have the Board of Trustees Team and three supporting Teams.

Gay Evans, (Chair of the Federation)

Judith Watson (Federation Officer)  Elizabeth Walker (Federation Officer)  Carol Evans (Federation Officer)

Dinah Gibbons; Ann George; Judy Lile; Monica Rose; Margaret Peel; Ann Perkins.

Chair and Federation Officers may attend all other Team meetings

The Board of Trustees meet the first Thursday in the month.

MEMBERSHIP TEAM -  assists all the WIs in the Ceredigion Federation by forming, reopening, enlarging and suspending institutes.

CREATIVE SKILLS TEAM -  Spring & Autumn Rallies, Craft Workshops, Sports Activities.

PUBLIC AFFAIRS TEAM -   deals with issues concerning NFWI Campaigns, the environment, health matters, science issues, matters of public concern, and international affairs (including ACWW).