• First formed - one of the earliest in the country.


  • Drama productions in full flow - in 1934 it was "Y Gwanwyn" (The Spring).


  • The war years and later were spent , as in all other WIs , raising money for various charities and causes and having lectures on 'make do and mend'. Meetings were held on a basis that the moon was full! (due to wartime black out in force).


  • Back to normality with a demonstration of an electric washing machine!
  • Instrumental in getting litter bins for the village.
  • Encouraged the village to enter 'Best Kept Village' competition.
  • Presented a silver cup for the Parish Best Garden.


  • Our 40th Anniversary dinner in 1962
  • Adopted a family of Polish refugees for 7 years and helped them with gifts and letters.
  • Presented a framed print of the Red Kite to the Welsh room at Denman, inscription by R.S.Thomas.


  • Organised 'Meals on Wheels' for the village.
  • Took part in a 'Local Treasures' survey for the county in European Conservation Year.
  • Lots of pantomines written and performed.
  • Helped raise funds for the purchase (by a conservation trust) of Ynys Enlli (Bardsey Island).


  • Celebrated our Diamond Jubilee in 1982.
  • Founded a bursary for Denman College partly funded by fund-raising events.
  • The Open Exhibition of Eglwysfach WI was an enormous success and reported in the Guardian!


  • In 1991 our WI nearly closed, but was pulled back from the brink by stalwart efforts. (From about 8 members then to 30 now). -  After this there was no holding back and a wonderful effort was put in to make a great success.
  • In 1992 our 70th Anniversary was celebrated alongside our publication of the bilingual book, 'Wildlife in Our Welsh Parish'  written for us by William Condry (funds towards the Denman Bursary). For further information and a chance to buy - click here
  • We won the Chairman's Award ( a silver clock) in recognition that our WI was on a firm footing once again, rising 'phoenix like' from the depths.
  • We received the silver salver for the County Membership Recruitment Award (highest recruitment numbers).
  • Arranged local gardens open day.
  • Started our annual litter collection throughout the village.
  • Lots of aid to Slovenia and the Chernobyl children who holiday around here.
  • Held an exhibtion to celebrate 75 years, showing past, present and future of our WI.
  • Received awards for the work put in to improve paths etc. in the village and improving and planting around the seat by the Furnace Falls.


  • Success (at last!) with our campaign to get Railtrack to improve the track to the local station ( for years potholed and flooded).
  • To celebrate our 80th anniverary - a visit by nearly the whole of this WI to weekend courses at Denman College. This was supported by a Lottery Grant, obtained after much dedicated hard work (mainly by Jill!).
  • Also to celebrate our birthday and the Queen's Golden Jubilee, several members opened their gardens to the public. A fine day and a great success!
  • Been involved in our village show,  and assisted in fund raising for the church.
  • First WI in Ceredigion to set up a web site.
  • We continue to raise funds for our Denman Bursary, which enables 2 members to attend Denman college every 2 years for a 2 night course.

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